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How to Avoid SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

It is the end of 2010, and I suggest you to learn from Dr.Ann Quasarano regarding seasonal affective disorder. I believe her following suggestion benefits you to anticipate your health in facing the change of the year. As you know, almost all part in the world is experiencing the extreme change of climate, as what’s is happening in my region, Indonesia (South East Asia).

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) affects million of people everywhere, about half a million people in the US only, each year. It’s thought that there are many more cases, including those who have a milder form of SAD, who don’t seek treatment. Often called the winter blues, SAD sufferers become depressed when the winter season rolls around. Below are a few suggestions for avoiding SAD this winter:

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Powerful Tips to Drop Your Extra Weight

Summer is just around the corner and many of us are getting serious about how to drop those few extra pounds that accumulated over the winter. Presumably, you will be eating according to your blood type diet, and emphasizing your beneficial foods, but here are a few additional tips to get you on the right track.

At first, I suggest you to examine what are the appropriate  foods according to your own blood type:

8 Tips to drop those few extra pounds

1. Eat Slowly and Mindfully – Sit at a table, not on your couch, and never in front of the TV or in your car. Set your fork down between each bite while you savor your food and swallow. Enjoy some dinner conversation, and then have another bite. Practice a slower pace at meal time. So often we’re pressed into hurrying through meals by other responsibilities. Read more…

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