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The Tale of Fats, Cancer, and Heart Disease, Part II

About High-Cholesterol Foods

Some kinds of meat, poultry, and fish are fairly low in fat, but high in cholesterol. Fat and cholesterol are not the same thing. When it comes to heart disease, however, both saturated fat and (serum) cholesterol play a role.

Whether cholesterol in food also plays a role in causing cancer is not known. There is some evidence that a low-cholesterol diet will help to prevent cancer. But the amount of evidence is too small for making judgment.

The best course of action is to keep cholesterol intake, as well as fat intake, at a moderate level. It will help your heart and possibly help prevent other diseases, too.

Three types of food are notably high in (dietary) cholesterol:

  1. Eggs (actually, the yolk only)
  2. Organ meats
  3. Shrimp

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Blood Type Diet: A Celebration of Individuality

Door of  Many Mysteries

In attempt to heal my kidney stones  disease in natural way, I’ve been advised to carry out blood type diet according to my blood type and I had no choice, just followed the advice. I’ve been applying the diet so far and feel free to choose the various right foods according to Type B food chart. This style of diet really works for me and my family and friends as well.

Sometimes, I try to little bit break the rule and it doesn’t matter. I see some people follow the blood type diet and I see the diet is work for them; on the other hand, I see other people don’t carry out the diet and I know they get health problem. Keep in your mind that the goal of Blood Type Diet is to maximize your performance. This point is very important.

For me, the science of blood type diet has revealed already long time mystery about my health problems, such as food allergies, viral diseases, kidney stones, and myth hanging around coffee, teas, diary products, vegetarianism, and many other health  matters.
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Blood Type Diet: The Genetic Fingerprint

The Science of Blood Type

The Science of Blood Type has been evolving ever since the beginning of  known human history. It is the science of individuality – an acknowledgment that each of us has a genetic fingerprint located in the cells of our bodies.

First of all, you need to understand the reason why your blood type can make such a crucial difference in how you live and what you eat. Blood type is not a neutral factor. Rather, it behaves as the control valve of your immune and digestive systems, a biological watchdog that enhances your body’s ability to survive and thrive.

In his great first book, Eat Right 4 Your Type,  Dr.Peter D’adamo fully explains the mechanism by which your blood type responds to the food you eat – either for good or for ill. It details the scientific and anthropological reasons for the four distinct blood type. The following is a brief summary of that information.

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