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Fat, Fish and Fowl

In general, fish and poultry are lower in fat than red meat. Also, these foods are almost always lower in saturated fat than red meats. That is why heart experts have been advising us to eat more chicken and fish.

Chicken-lovers should be aware of a few facts:

  1. White meat chicken (the breast) is the leanest part.
  2. Dark meat chicken has more fat than white meat, but the fat content is still moderate.
  3. The skin of all fowl – including duck, goose, and turkey – contains the lion’s share of its fat. Part with the skin if you will, or eat only some of it.
  4. New chicken-raising techniques have caused a sharp increase in the fat content of chicken. But most of the extra fat occurs as “pads” under the skin. These can be removed easily.

Fish Gets First Prize

Fish is the real winner when it comes to fat. Most type have very little fat. Some of the lowest-fat fish are:

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