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Healthy Choice at The Market

What Do You Find at The Market?

You don’t have to be  a food scientist or carry a gram counter or calculator when you go to the market. Simply focus on selecting the freshest foods in their most natural state. And use your knowledge of basic nutritional principles. Here are a few tips.

Avoid heavily fatted meats. Free- range poultry and meats have been raised without the excessive use of antibiotics and other chemicals, and they’re recommended for the Blood Type Diet. Free-range means just that – that animals haven’t been penned in. Once you try free-range meat or poultry, you’ll see the difference. The flesh is leaner, the color and texture are richer, and there is very little fat. It’s possible to raise red meats that have fat and cholesterol level that are closer to those of the leaner poultry, but the meat may be less tender and flavorful by modern standards. The giant agribusinesses are still locked into the traditional notion that consumers want rich, high-fat meats. Our ancestors consumed rather lean game or domestic animals that graze on alfalfa and other grasses. Today’s meats are corn-fed, kept healthy with antibiotics, and prized for the tenderness of their meat and the marbling of their fat. Fortunately, some business are beginning to respond to the growing demand for lean, organic meat. If your market hasn’t caught on to the trend, be sure to let the manager know.

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Food Pyramid is No Longer Valid

Blood Type vs.  Food Pyramids.

The USDA Food Pyramid and the older ‘Four Basic Food Group’ theory represent a uniform approach to human nutrition. However, since they are based on a concept of disease treatment, their recommendations revolve around the prevention of deficiency diseases. Vitamin C, an important component of our immune system, is only recommended in amount (64 mg/day) sufficient to prevent scurvy, a deficiency disorder. Yet it is known that in instance of infection and in many other disease states, our amount for vitamin C can rise twentyfold. The prevention of deficiency diseases has little to do with functional need in our society, so the recommendations are for the most part useless in more specific treatment.

These dietary recommendations do have their value, however. They attempt to rectify malnutrition, which is a major worldwide dietary problem. They now promote the use of high fiber whole foods rather than processed foods, which for the average Westerner is a major step forward.
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My Mission

This weblog is worthy of your confidence

Why? Because it comes from the true life experience, a success story of a man who succeeded healing from severe kidney stones attack two times, in the span of 13 years. Unlike other expert’s websites, this weblog doesn’t contain neither theoretical concepts nor academic arguments nor something boring like that. The articles shared in this weblog come from the true practical experience that tell the already proven results. Yes, I am ex-sufferer of kidney stone who turned to become the independence observer on natural health . Some parts in this weblog refer to sources belonging to certain competence experts and other reliable sources.

Formally, I am neither a medical doctor nor a nutritionist nor an alternative physician. I am just ex-sufferer of two times severe kidney stone. The first one attacked me in 1994 (when I was 28), and six month later the kidney stone came out from my body after undertaking certain medical procedure. Since then, I dedicated myself to observe health matter, because I didn’t want to get the kidney stone anymore. At that time, I still don’t know how the stone could exist in my kidney and some physicians also failed to describe satisfactory what is exactly make someone become suffer kidney stone. It’s still mystery for me (and for them too, I guess) for years. And I carried on my personal observation about health matter. I always follow the newest research result from health journals, books, newspapers, magazines, TV, and internet not only about the kidney disorder but also the other health matter. A trend of natural healing method also have became an interesting subject of my observation.

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