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Global Warming Prolongs Allergy Season

What is Allergy?

The word allergy means “altered working.” It was coined at the beginning of the twentieth century, after dogs inoculated with proteins from other animals had severe reactions when they came into contact with those proteins again.

Allergies are responses mounted by the immune system to a particular food, inhalant, or chemical. In a simplified sense, an allergic reaction is an adverse or inappropriately amplified immune system response to something that many other people find harmless.

Most commonly, an allergic reaction expresses itself as a headache or fatigue, and may include

  • sneezing,
  • watery eyes,
  • nasal congestion.

More severe allergic reactions, such as those to certain nuts, fish, and insect stings are known as anaphylaxis and are characterized by:

  • the swelling of tissue and
  • the inability to breathe.

These reactions may need to be treated as serious medical emergencies. A synthetic epinephrine, a hormone naturally produced by the adrenal gland, may be administered to combat the reaction. People with severe allergies should carry epinephrine pens in case of accidental exposure to the allergen.

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Find The Right Seafood for Your Health

After meat and poultry, fish stand out as the second most potent source of animal protein available. Furthermore, fish also contains the valuable omega-3 fatty acids.

Entire cultures have survived on diets of fish. Civilizations grew along the shores of the sea and the banks of rivers. The oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, and streams often provided and incredible bounty. No wonder people thought there were gods in the water. What other explanation could there have been?

I have my own  experience with certain kind of  seafood. In my childhood until age of 40, I found my self having allergies after eating  seafood  such as shrimp, barracuda, crab, or oysters. And my allergy-specialist doctor concluded that I had to totally avoid  seafood. For fish, he advised me to consume only fresh water fish.

In 2007, I started learning the blood type diet (in my effort to overcome my kidney stones diorder) and eventually I’ve got the comprehensive knowledge, sufficient for me to get the answer for the  biggest question in my life that far:

  • Why the doctor advised me to totally avoid all of seafood (to prevent me from  allergies)?

Now, it is obvious that the doctor was not correct at all.
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