Elderberry is Powerful Remedy for The Flu

Elderberry is an ancient remedy to beat the influenza virus, but does it work? In experiments, elderberry actually does inhibit replication of all strains of human influenza (both A and B) viruses tested.

In an actual placebo-controlled, double blind study (the scientific gold-standard so to speak) an extract of elderberry fruit has been shown to be effective for treating influenza B. What this research showed was that people using the elderberry extract got better much quicker (more than 70% were better after 2 days and over 90% of people completely resolved the infection within 3 days). In contrast, the people given a placebo often needed as much as 6 days to feel well.

Why does elderberry work? Well, the researchers found two reasons really. People taking the elderberry were able to produce higher anti-haemagglutination titers to influenza B (meaning their immune system essentially performed better and they now have a higher level of recognition should this “flu” return). And, elderberry inhibits neuraminidase (yes, that is the same neuraminidase that scientists are spending millions of dollars designing drugs against).

An important question that has not been answered yet is…will elderberry work as well against influenza A strains? I don’t have a definitive answer for you on this yet, but based upon its method of action, its in vitro ability, and my clinical observations, the answer is probably yes. Our patients taking the elderberry, blueberry, cherry and apple concentrate mixture, seemed to pass easily through this past “flu” season.

The one word of caution I leave you with is that when it comes to daily use of elderberry, more is not always better. Large doses will lead to nausea. If you are trying to avoid a “flu” a small amount daily might help. I recommend elderberry especially for type B’s and AB’s because of their general susceptibility to the virus. For treatment we use 2 tablespoons 3-4 times daily for adults and less for children depending upon their body weight.

So, the final key point is…next “flu” season remember your friendly elderberry!

Source:  Dr. D’Adamo’s October 2010 Newsletter.