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Enhance Your Immune System

As the autumn days become cool and crisp, it reminds us that we need to step up our immune boosting protocol and get our bodies into “fight mode.” Soon cold and flu season will be upon us and by taking a few preventive measures you will reduce your chances of catching those nasty winter bugs.

  • We all know that immunity begins in our gut. By eating foods that are right for your type, you are taking the most important step to staying healthy. Step up your consumption of beneficial foods and remove any foods to be avoided  from your diet.
  • Stress lowers immunity. We can’t completely avoid stress, but take a few moments to slow down – find 10 minutes a day to just sit and close your eyes, do some deep breathing or meditation.
  • Exercise boosts immunity! Find an exercise that is right for you and stick with it. I love going for a brisk walk in the cool fall evenings as the sun is setting, it’s a great way to wind down the day and enjoy the beauty of the season.
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Brain Health and Brain Power Superfoods

I’d like to share with you the actual health condition of my grand mother. She is 89 years old by this year. Fiercely independent, she still chooses to live on her own and enjoys tending to her small garden where she grows and harvests her own vegetables. Sure, she complains about her aching joints and suffers from chronic asthma, but overall her health is good and she is sharp as a tack.

I’ve often wondered why some people retain their mental acuity well into their senior years and others seem to experience a decline in mental function in their forties and fifties. Until recently, scientists believed that the answer lay solely in genetics and that little could be done to control the timing and rate of decline. But according to some new studies, developmental and environmental factors could be even more important.
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Sinusitis and Your Blood Type

As usual, I would like to share with you the latest powerful information from Peter D’Adamo, ND, MIfHI regarding sinusitis.

The primary function of the sinuses is to warm, moisten, and filter the air in the nasal cavity. The sinuses  also play a role in our ability to vocalize certain sounds. Sinusitis, which is common in the winter, may last for months or years of inadequately treated. Although colds are the most common cause of acute sinusitis, people with allergies may also be predisposed to developing sinusitis. Allergies can trigger inflammation of the sinuses and nasal mucous linings. This inflammation prevents the sinus cavities from clearing out bacteria, and increases the chance of developing secondary bacterial sinusitis.

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Probiotics, the Useful Bacteria

Again, I love to share with the world the latest healthy information I’ve got from Dr. D’Adamo’s newsletter sent to me. I believe this very fresh information would benefit your healthy life.

Do you know that there are 20 times more bacteria than cells in your body, or that you have more bacteria in your body at this very moment than the total number of people who have ever lived on the planet? This may sound alarming, but these tiny organisms are crucial to good health.

What is Probiotic

A probiotic is an organism which contributes to the health and balance of the intestinal tract.These “friendly” or “beneficial” bacteria live in your small and large intestines, support your immune system, and contribute to healthy digestion.
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Powerful Tips to Drop Your Extra Weight

Summer is just around the corner and many of us are getting serious about how to drop those few extra pounds that accumulated over the winter. Presumably, you will be eating according to your blood type diet, and emphasizing your beneficial foods, but here are a few additional tips to get you on the right track.

At first, I suggest you to examine what are the appropriate  foods according to your own blood type:

8 Tips to drop those few extra pounds

1. Eat Slowly and Mindfully – Sit at a table, not on your couch, and never in front of the TV or in your car. Set your fork down between each bite while you savor your food and swallow. Enjoy some dinner conversation, and then have another bite. Practice a slower pace at meal time. So often we’re pressed into hurrying through meals by other responsibilities. Read more…

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Find The Right Seafood for Your Health

After meat and poultry, fish stand out as the second most potent source of animal protein available. Furthermore, fish also contains the valuable omega-3 fatty acids.

Entire cultures have survived on diets of fish. Civilizations grew along the shores of the sea and the banks of rivers. The oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, and streams often provided and incredible bounty. No wonder people thought there were gods in the water. What other explanation could there have been?

I have my own  experience with certain kind of  seafood. In my childhood until age of 40, I found my self having allergies after eating  seafood  such as shrimp, barracuda, crab, or oysters. And my allergy-specialist doctor concluded that I had to totally avoid  seafood. For fish, he advised me to consume only fresh water fish.

In 2007, I started learning the blood type diet (in my effort to overcome my kidney stones diorder) and eventually I’ve got the comprehensive knowledge, sufficient for me to get the answer for the  biggest question in my life that far:

  • Why the doctor advised me to totally avoid all of seafood (to prevent me from  allergies)?

Now, it is obvious that the doctor was not correct at all.
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Your Secretor Status is A Key to Your Health

A Part of Blood Type Science

The secretor status is a part the science of  Blood Type Diet. I’d love to share with you below, a latest (per March 2010) rare but important information from Dr. Peter D’Adamo. As you know, the Blood Type Diet, as a  new kind of science, has been very useful and powerful  for me to understand the complexity on health matter and really works to help me in the natural healing process of my second kidney stone disorder in 2007.

It helps me in finding so many unanswered health questions that have been  lingered for more than 30 years.

Hopefully the valuable latest information below would benefits your healthy life.

Why Secretor Status is Important?

Are you a secretor or a non-secretor? Before starting the Blood Type or GenoType Diet, you most likely would not have known how to respond to that question or the far reaching influences that your secretor status has on your health. Your secretor status drastically alters the carbohydrates present in your body fluids and also controls important aspects of your metabolism and immune resistance.

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Tips for Healthy Cardiovascular

I love to share with you some great information below for each of the four blood types for preventing and treating heart conditions, high blood pressure, controlling cholesterol and vascular problems.

In his book, Cardiovascular Disease: Fight It with the Blood Type Diet, Dr. D’Adamo explains why people with different blood types experience different cardiovascular problems and provides targeted programs for each of the four blood types for preventing and treating heart conditions, high blood pressure, controlling cholesterol and vascular problems. Here are a few tips to keep your ticker in tip top shape!

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Your Body Needs Herbal Teas

Which Herbal Teas Fit Your Blood Type?

Herbal teas provide most of the blood types with an enormous advantage. Concoctions of herbs have been used for aeons to treat a host of illnesses, real and imagined. Today, they are widely available commercially and have been rightly restored to a place of honor in most homes.

Type O

Herbal teas can be used by type Os to shore up their strength against natural weakness. The primary emphasis for Type Os is on soothing the digestive and immune systems. Liquorice can soothe the stomach irritations that are common to Type Os. A liquorice preparation called DGL can be found in health food stores. It is safe to use because it doesn’t  contain component in raw liquorice that can raise blood pressure. Herbs such as peppermint, parsley, rose hips, and sarsaparilla all have a soothing effect. Alfalfa, aloe, burdock, and corn silk cause non-specific immune stimulation of Type O, which can exacerbate immune diseases.
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Secretor, Non-secretor, and Syndrome X

Knowing your blood type  or blood group  and subgroups is one way to discover specific information about your body’s genetic makeup and susceptibility to disease. This is true for me, as a key in my effort to overcome the kidney stone I’ve got two years ago. Now I and my family  apply blood type diet in our daily menus and we are very healthy more than ever. It is very important to know your blood type.

Do you know your blood type?

There are several ways to find out your blood type:

    1. Donate blood. Also note that blood banks will often perform a blood type test for a fee, even if you don’t wish to give blood.
    2. Ask your doctor; but don’t be surprised if he or she doesn’t know. When blood is drawn for routine cholesterol screening or other factors, blood typing is not normally done unless it has been requested.
    3. There are at-home blood type testing kits available in health stores or drugstores.

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