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1001HealthSecret.com is a special weblog  that  contain rare yet powerful natural health guidance you can trust, based on the author’s true life experience in how he successfully overcame and  healed from the second-time severe Kidney Stones just by applying only natural wisdom of healing.

The author’s first wife passed away in 2001, at the age of 28, due to colon and rectal cancer. So, cancer becomes one of the main discussion in this weblog.

This weblog reminds you that we are Mother Nature’s children  , and so  we ought to follow the nature’s wisdom. Yes, this  is the webblog of enlightenment.

The author is very happy to share with you about his true experience, health knowledge he owned, his observation on the latest information of the health science, research on health matter done by trusted competence experts, and other precious latest updated information related to health  in this weblog. Hoping to  greatly benefit  you and enlighten the world.

Please enjoy this weblog. Yes, this is for you, for the goodness of the world.  However, the author hope you would never make copy of any articles contained in this weblog according to the copyright protection. In case you have some comments or questions about this weblog or related health matter, never hesitate to leave them in the comment box available. The author would do his best to reply them honestly and objectively for your convenient.

Let Your Food be Your Medicine, and Let Your Body be Your Doctor –  (Hipppocrates).

Your wealth and happy life in this world are meaningful only when you are healthy.

Stay healthy naturally!